A re-invigorated Marksville Chamber of Commerce has set its sights on Economic Development within the city of Marksville and the Parish of Avoyelles.

Many members of the Chamber see the need for an active Economic Development Committee.  Beyond that the Chamber has members well versed in what our area can provide to include an industrial park, land (lots of it), large rivers, beautiful lakes and streams to be developed or redeveloped.  The “Fracking” process for oil exploration here caused quite a bit of interest nation wide.

The Chamber is working with Parish and local officials-as well as our Senator and Representative to pick up on the “clues” in Economic Development offered from within our State Department.

The Chamber office is located at 113 N. Main Street in Marksville and is staffed by our clerk who is eager to provide information about Marksville and Avoyelles.

Give us a call (318) 253-8599 or email us at

We are open for your suggestions.